About Us

The Elevator Pitch

Founded by technical experts in Data Science, AppDev, and Data Integration – TheoryLane helps bring your organization from the possible to the practical. Our team of expert engineers, data scientists and architects bring enterprise grade solutions for Cloud and Hybrid Cloud projects.

TheoryLane specializes in solving the complex data challenges in B2B2C industries. We use advanced data science to better understand the Customer and Consumer journey in order to increase marketing effectiveness; as well as improve the quality and speed of CRM and ERP data through Enterprise Supply-Chain Data Integration.

Our Values

TheoryLane was founded by technical experts who believed there was a better way to do consulting. We believe in simplicity and honesty.

Our technical consultants are involved in every step of understanding and solving our clients’ problems. Communication is between our clients and consultants, with little involvement from account or project management other than as a facilitator.

As such, our solution teams tend to be small and lean. A small team helps our clients to reduce their costs, but more importantly, a small team means we are able to better compensate our team members – as all our team members are expected to lead and deliver, they should expect to be recognized for their hard work and talent.

Our Services

See our services page for details on our primary services; however, we will include some more specific solutions here.

Data Science solutions include: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Attribution Modeling, Media Mix Modeling, Customer 360 View, Market Basket Analysis, Near-real time analytics, Experimental Design, Data Warehouse/ Data Lake, and many other marketing analytics solutions.

Data Integration services include:  Pub/Sub + DataFlow pipelines, 3rd party data service integration, API management, workflow automation, system architecture, Hybrid Cloud or Full-Cloud workflows, and many more.