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Steering data towards success

We provide a multitude of services intended to harness our clients’ data and processes to create direct pathways to success and foster innovation.

Affordable, subscription-based innovation and integration consulting to bring your Strategic Vision into Practice

Understand how data is working for you and creating meaningful and proactive actions based on this insight.

The prerequisites to any digital transformation. We map your vision into practical technology roadmaps.

Create a foundational architecture of services across your ecosystem to ensure data is where it needs to be at just the right time.

Eliminate inaccuracy and inefficiency in your human driven processes by introducing intelligent robots into your connected ecosystem

Facilitate successful technology transformation initiatives throughout the entire lifecycle.


Applying Continuous Delivery Patterns to Data Development

Historically, application development and data pipeline development have been kept separate. We are seeing this pattern begin to change. (See posts on Conway’s Law for reasons why.) This means ETL/ELT development will almost certainly begin to model application development. App dev contains far more controls and business continuity, but more importantly Application Development has spent …

Exploring Development Patterns in Data Science

  Data Scientists are in an interesting position. Data Science is about optimization, true optimization requires automation, so QED ‘true’ Data Science means eliminating Data Scientists. And Data Scientists are happy to optimize themselves out of job. Unfortunately the development patterns and architectures at times used by data scientists can, ironically, be sub-optimal for optimization. …